i was watching the movie The Royal Tenenbaums the other day and i got inspired by this scene here to shave my head, don’t worry i was not inspired by the suicide part, hahaha!  just the liberation to shave my head.  feels great.l1005167



an eccentric encounter….

today i was talking to my bro junku about how i have abandoned my blog and ive decided to start her up again.  just for you BRO!! also for whoever else out there that cares.    im gonna change it up and keep this space like a diary, stories and mixed media.

-my post-

the other day I was walking down the street with my crew, The Johnny Freelance Experience and spotted this eccentric man, i don’t remember his name but he was sitting there having a cigarette and a beer in a jump suit covered in paint.  he was missing some teeth and had a mischievous look about himself.  we chatted about how ghostly this little town was, shared some stories and laughs.  here are a couple shots l1005064l1005067

my first book!

my first book!

i would like to dedicate this book to japan. to the inspiring people i met, the bottles of iichiko we drank, the music we shared and the laughs we had together. it has always been a dream of mine to go to japan and i’ve always had a soft spot for the japanese culture and way of being.
all pictures featured in this book were shot with my heart and with no real purpose or idea, they are split seconds of my vision and experiences, captured with my leica and frozen on 35mm film.